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What Does Glow Serum Do?

What Does Glow Serum Do?

Heavy red carpet makeup looks have increasingly been replaced with dewy, fresh-faced, and a lit-from-within warmth as seen on celebs like Sophia Ritchie and Hailey Bieber. While the glowy skin look (or in TikTok lingo, “glazed donut skin”) can be further accentuated with skillful makeup application, other factors like proper sleep, low stress levels, and healthy diet & exercise certainly help too. But, we know trying to do it all can be hard — which is why having the added support of a glow serum can be a game-changing addition to your daily skincare routine. 

What is Glow Serum?

A glow serum infuses your skin with the nutrients and radiance-boosting ingredients that restore sheen and moisture to your skin while promoting long-term skin health. Afterall, a natural glow is the ultimate signal of healthy, resilient skin. These serums are typically formulated with a variety of active ingredients that work together to address common skin concerns such as dullness and uneven texture, in order to promote a glowing complexion.

Ideally, a glow serum can be slated into your daily routine easily as a follow-up to your cleanser, and before your moisturizer and SPF. 

What Are Common Ingredients in a Glow Serum?

A high-quality, well-formulated glow serum that’s supported by solid science can effectively target specific skin issues that arise from aging, sun damage, and other conditions such as dry or oily skin.

“There are many popular and clinically proven ingredients—such as azelaic acid and licorice root—that are tyrosinase inhibitors,” advises Dr. Indy Chabra, MD, PhD, and board-certified dermatologist.

Tyrosinase inhibiting ingredients contain compounds that reduce the overproduction of melanin in your skin to address concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and melasma.

"Other brightening ingredients such as white orchid and niacinamide have been clinically found to prevent further oxidative damage in aging and aged skin,” he adds, “and reduces skin darkening from lentigines or liver spots.” 

In addition to the above, more all-star brightening ingredients can be found below (and in Motif’s Power Brightening Bicelle Serum):

  • Bakuchiol is a retinol alternative that avoids the potential drying and reddening effects retinol may have on sensitive skin. It stimulates skin turnover and the production of new cells, and aids in keeping pores clear.

  • Moringa Oil is known for its rich antioxidant and moisturizing oleic acid content, making it perfect for soothing irritation and repairing the skin. 

  • Monkeyfruit wood contains Oxyresveratrol, a powerhouse brightener that’s 30-35x stronger than kojic acid. It works to reduce blotchy pigmentation and even out your skin tone.

Selecting the Right Glow Serum for Your Skin

In addition to ingredients, there are a few things to look for when adding a glow serum to your daily routine:

Avoid potential irritants - Popular brightening ingredients that can cause irritation include retinoids, vitamin C, hydroquinone, and essential oils – especially the citrus oils (which also make your skin more photosensitive). 

Follow usage recommendations - Follow usage instructions carefully. Some glow serums are not safe to use during the day as they contain ingredients that make skin more sensitive to sunlight, potentially causing burns or rashes when exposed to the sun. If sun-sensitive skin is a concern, select a glow serum that is safe for both AM and PM usage. 

Stability of ingredients and formulations - An effective glow serum is one that also stays efficacious for a longer period of time. Many glow serums can oxidize (and turn brown in color), becoming ineffective when exposed to air and light. A stable formula is one that stays effective and retains its integrity over time even when exposed to external factors. 

The Secret to Inner & Outer Radiance 

A natural glow can be achieved with healthy skin first, which is why it’s important to pick the right skincare products that can support you throughout your longest weeks and latest nights. 

This was the inspiration behind our new and impactful daily treatment, which is available to Shop Now. The Power Brightening Bicelle Serum imparts an immediate fresh glow after use and enhances skin health overtime, so your brightness continues to radiate inside and out. 

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