Devanshi Garg Sareen

A Gentle Face Cleanser Unlike Your Everyday Face Wash

Woman reaching for Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Cleanser for Hydrated and Brightened Skin

Meet the Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Cleanser

Cleanser. It’s not the buzziest product or the first one you'd grab to get your complexion back on track, but in reality, the right ingredients and formulation can improve the look, feel, and health of your skin. Instead of focusing on what a face cleanser could take off, we intentionally focused on what our cleanser could give back: rich nutrients, essential protection, lost hydration, less visible pores, a balanced biome, and more. After years of researching, formulating, and testing with world-class dermatologists, The Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Cleanser was born.

Why It’s Different

Unlike most face washes and face cleansers, ours is packed with the highest quality, highest performing ingredients on the planet. From Japan to France to Southeast Asia, each one is intentionally sourced and scientifically proven (cited in peer-reviewed journals). Skin-identical pineapple ceramides reinforce the natural moisture barrier while fermented rice water calms and soothes. Exfoliating luffa fruit fibers and enzymes melt away dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, softer texture. And a powerhouse blend of monkey fruit wood, brown algae, licorice, and white orchids helps minimize sun damage and reduce discoloration for a brighter, more even complexion. 

But it’s not just about the most effective and best skincare ingredients—it’s about avoiding irritants. We did away with harsh soap and sulfates, which can cause irritation, inflammation, and breakouts. Plus, the Abundance Cleanser doubles as a hydrating cleanser and brightening mask that won’t strip your skin of natural oils or disrupt pH levels, microflora, or your microbiome.

Why It’s Decadent

The Abundance Cleanser reimagines cleansing as both an indulgent and important first step towards dramatically healthier skin. Which means you’ll experience decadence the second you open it. The texture is rich and creamy (not watery or gel-like) and feels luxurious—shifting into a silky, milky wash that whisks away impurities. Formulated to be so enjoyable that you’ll want to leave it on longer, or apply it again and again. 

Why It’s Dramatically Effective

You can easily amplify the effects of The Abundance Cleanser by enjoying it as an express leave-on hydrating and brightening mask. Allow 30 - 60 seconds for the phytonutrients to get absorbed into the skin before rinsing it off with cool water. The cumulative minutes of this bite-sized ritual, twice a day, delivers mask-like benefits without the hassle, additional time commitment, or need for a secondary product. Plus, you’ll score 14 minutes of transformative ingredient absorption each week!

Why It’s Unforgettable

The Abundance Cleanser is the best face cleanser to elevate your everyday cleanse and positively transform your skin—leaving it super hydrated, properly balanced, and petal-soft with a youthful glow. It’s unlike any cleanser you’ve ever met. 

Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Cleanser next to hydrating orchid ingredients in bathroom sink

How Do I Repair a Damaged Skin Barrier?

A Gentle Face Cleanser That Works in Sync With Your Skin

Elevate your everyday face wash to a hydrating facial cleanser that treats your skin with the respect and nourishment it needs. Powered by rich, high-performance botanicals typically reserved for luxury serums, the Abundance Cleanser repairs dry, damaged, and sensitive skin.