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What is an Exfoliating Toner?

Exfoliating face toner for sensitive and dry skin

Chemical exfoliation products come in many forms. While scrubs, serums, and wipes are more generally well known, not everyone knows about exfoliating toners which can be a great addition to a skincare regimen for those wanting an easy, mess-free way to exfoliate at home.

What is an exfoliating toner?

While traditional toners can offer different benefits such as restoring the skin’s pH balance, moisturizing the skin, and/or further removing excess dirt and oil after cleansing — exfoliating toners provide the added benefit of removing old, dead skin cell build up. Exfoliating toners often appear in liquid form and contain chemical exfoliants like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), similar to other exfoliating products. With consistent, regular use, they can be super beneficial for achieving brightness, treating acne and minimizing pores. 

How to incorporate an exfoliating toner into your skincare routine

Once you have removed any makeup and cleansed the skin, apply your exfoliating toner with a cotton pad or your hands to a bare, clean base. As the product penetrates through, it will work to help remove further impurities. Your skin should feel refreshed, cleansed, and prepped for applying any other serums or moisturizers. Following with a SPF to add as a final protective layer is recommended as well, as the skin is more susceptible post-exfoliation. 

Like other acid-based skincare products, exfoliating toners have varying concentration levels of acids. We recommend starting at a lower concentration and working your way up to higher concentrations if your skin is able to tolerate the product without any irritation.

We also recommend looking for exfoliating toner products that balance the use of acids with soothing and nourishing ingredients, such as our Renew Toner. By infusing AHAs with peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins, the Renew Toner effectively exfoliates the skin’s surface without dreaded side effects like dry, irritated, and burning skin. Furthermore, it’s recommended as a weekly treatment to avoid the common mistake of over exfoliating which can easily dry out the face.

For those looking to deep clean their skin, brighten overall complexion, and smoothen texture, an exfoliating toner is a great option as they're easy to slot into a skincare routine and require minimal downtime. And for those who are still unsure of the benefits of exfoliation, read more on the different types of exfoliation and how to incorporate exfoliation into your routine for healthier, renewed skin. 

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