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Paula Sanders and the Importance of Intuition

Paula Sanders and the Importance of Intuition

Paula talks about starting her professional journey as a dancer and how listening to her intuition has guided her throughout her career and life. 

Below the Surface is an ongoing series featuring friends of Motif, who are on their path to greatness doing things they love. We sat down with our friend, Paula Rose Sanders (@psitsme___) — Global Head of Memberships at an established private members club and Host of World’s Your Oysta Podcast. Paula lives in NYC with her partner.


Paula Rose Sanders podcast host and professional dancer

Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? 

I'm Paula, and I often see myself as simply navigating through life, striving to find my path as best as I can. My journey began in competitive dancing, which eventually led me to the professional dance world in my early twenties. At 25, I decided to explore new avenues beyond dance and found myself unexpectedly in the world of club membership and have remained in that space in different capacities ever since. For the last four and a half years, I've been dedicated to cultivating one of New York City's most notable social communities, which has undoubtedly been a highlight of my career. However, what I've found most fulfilling is leading my team. As a millennial manager, I'm committed to providing the support and guidance I wished I had received earlier in my career. And while I remain highly dedicated to my career, I am also hustling hard on nights and weekends for my baby, which is World’s Your Oysta. I have an insatiable interest in people – how they think and how they navigate life and I feel that I’ve been called to be a vehicle for the incredible humans that I’ve met throughout my journey to inspire others through theirs. 

What does the state of flow mean for you? 

For me, being in flow is really about this whole vibe. I feel it when I'm walking down the street, hitting all the green lights, and people are complimenting my outfit. Then I walk into work, and I effortlessly bring smiles to everyone's faces just by being myself. I get home and I’m crushing it at being a wife. When I step into my podcast studio, the questions flow naturally, and we're just vibing. That's what being in flow means to me. 

You had so many careers that intersect with the world of beauty. Can you talk about your view on beauty and how it evolved over time?

I feel like the first 25 years of my life were centered around my appearance, and that was really challenging. Before turning 25, beauty to me meant striving for perfection. It was when I stopped caring about meeting those standards that many of my insecurities vanished, and I started receiving more compliments about my beauty than ever before. Sure, there are things I don't like about myself, but you know what? I'm healthy, and I have a beautiful life. That's what truly matters to me now.

I believe that with age comes a greater sense of self-assurance. At 36, I can sense the changes in my skin, but I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I ever was in my younger years.

When I see people who I consider beautiful, it's not about the symmetry of their face or the perfection of their features. It's the essence of who they are, shining from within. That's what truly makes someone beautiful in my eyes.

Paula Rose Sanders podcast host and lifestyle influencer in NYC

What does self care mean to you?

For me, self-care is non-negotiable, and my non-negotiables include prioritizing early bedtime. I have a strict sleep routine to ensure I get my seven and a half to eight hours of rest. Another essential for me is waking up an hour before I need to, allowing myself time to unwind with a good book in bed. Then, there's working out, which is another non-negotiable. I truly feel like I'm not myself if I miss any of these three things.

I consider it a blessing to prioritize my well-being because if I can't show up as my best self, it's not fair to my team, my partner, or my employer.

It's crucial, especially as a woman, to consider factors like hormones, stress responses, and cortisol levels. Ultimately, prioritizing yourself is key.

Can you talk through the crossroads you've faced, and how your intuition, energy, and heart led you through them? 

A few months ago, I released an episode on my podcast titled "Why I Blew Up My Life and How It Changed Everything," where I recount a major crossroad in my life. For all the details, I would recommend giving it a listen - it's about love, loss, making difficult decisions, and the beauty that can be found when picking up the pieces. Every significant decision I've ever made in my life has come from my gut. I am a very passionate person and cannot do anything unless my heart is 100% in it.

I’m at a stage in my life where if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no—a really lovely place, and I encourage everyone to try it, even for a day! 

What advice do you have for people who are in that place of not knowing? What does intuition look like?

Journal. Go to therapy. I think I’ve been self-aware for most of my life, but despite always having a sense that everything would work out, the truth is, none of us really know what we're doing. It's crucial to get introspective and learn from both our mistakes and experiences. Making mistakes is part of being human, and it's okay, embrace them.

What is your skincare regimen right now?

I start by removing my makeup with a balm, then follow up with your Abundance Cleanser and Power Serum. I used to have a 15-step routine, but now I've simplified it to just four steps. I cleanse, apply a bit of essence, use your serum, and then, depending on my skin's condition – if there are no blemishes, I'll apply a face oil at night. During the day, I also use a face oil after applying the Motif Power Serum, but only if I'm not experiencing breakouts. Interestingly, as I age, my hormonal acne seems to be worse than ever, so my routine fluctuates between three to four steps based on my skin's needs.

Paula Rose Sanders podcast host of World's Your Oysta in NYC

What do you like the most about the Motif products? 

First and foremost, I'm really into colors. I appreciate the gorgeous packaging, but what really catches my eye is the color of the product itself – I find it beautiful. When you apply the Abundance Cleanser to your skin, it gently exfoliates without that sensation of plastic bubbles found in other cleansers. It feels light and doesn't strip your skin, leaving it feeling clean and tight. I leave the cleanser on as a mask for my entire shower.

After 30 days, I noticed a change in my skin texture – it felt more supple, plump, and looked noticeably brighter.

The new Power Brightening Face Serum adds to this glowiness. I used to rely on a vitamin C serum, but since using the serum, I haven't felt any loss of brightness. I'm trying to reduce the number of products I use due to the acne, and it's working well because my skin is clearer, which I attribute most to the Abundance Cleanser.

Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Cleanser next to hydrating orchid ingredients in bathroom sink

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