Devanshi Garg Sareen

The Abundance Meditation — Compiled By Devanshi Garg

woman outdoors doing an abundance guided meditation

Hello and welcome. 

Settle into a comfortable seated position.

And gently allow your eyes to close. 

Follow your breath – all the way in, and all the way out.


I want you to think of the abundance that you’re surrounded by.

There is an abundance of trees, of leaves, and grass, 

Animals in the forest and birds in the trees.


Everywhere you look is absolute abundance.


The only limit in our life is the limit we place on our thinking and our imagination. 

 If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. 

Anything you see in the screen of your mind, you can manifest in the real world.


The kind of life you want, the business you want, the creativity, the prosperity.

Love and friendships that are so strong, and loving, and real.

Where you willingly give and graciously receive.


An abundance of health - every molecule of our being dancing in perfect harmony. 


You see all your gifts and are grateful. Always expanding.

You’re inspired, you’re building bigger, you’re building better.


You have this enormous desire to add abundance to everyone’s life.

You want them to feel better, simply because they have come into contact, with you.


Take your attention back to the rhythm of your breath.

Notice each in-breath enter your nostrils and expand your chest and your belly.

Observe each out-breath move up your lungs and out through your nose or mouth.


Feel the calm. Feel the gratitude. Feel the expansion.

Feel the abundance you’re surrounded by. 

You’re a part of it. And it is a part of you.


Gently open your eyes.




Photo by Grant Spanier

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