Devanshi Garg Sareen

A Letter From Motif Skincare

Inspiring woman and mother sitting by ocean with her child

To My Friend,

I see you. I see you adjusting your eyes to the bright bathroom lights while performing your morning skincare routine. I see you taking work calls while simultaneously feeding your baby. I see you picking out that perfect gift before heading over to your close friend’s birthday party. The bold lipstick you swiped on quickly has faded to an intentional looking stain.

You give as much as you get, sometimes more. You love the life you’ve curated for yourself. 

I’m proud of you and want to ease your back of burdens. No need to sift through viral information, trying to decipher right from wrong. I’ve put together this content hub for you to take in as you need it. From ingredient deep dives to interviews with inspiring women like yourself, I’ve got your back. Through growing pains that turn into gratification. Let’s make new discoveries together, taking pleasure in progress.

Here’s a bit more about me. I am:

  • Uncomplicated while being impactful
  • Inspired by intelligence (especially yours) 
  • Joyful when striving for improvement 
  • Nuanced to your needs 
  • Elevated without being out of touch 
  • A student as much as a teacher

I’m excited for our relationship to blossom further and to get to know the full-bodied you. I’ll keep checking in, dropping hints, and asking what you need so you can focus on ventures that go beyond skin-deep. My support is steadfast and unwavering like your potential. I’m here for you and can’t wait to see all that you do.

Talk soon,


Photo by Matt Hoffman

Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Cleanser next to hydrating orchid ingredients in bathroom sink

How Do I Repair a Damaged Skin Barrier?

A Gentle Face Cleanser That Works in Sync With Your Skin

Elevate your everyday face wash to a hydrating facial cleanser that treats your skin with the respect and nourishment it needs. Powered by rich, high-performance botanicals typically reserved for luxury serums, the Abundance Cleanser repairs dry, damaged, and sensitive skin.