My Honest Review of the Motif Abundance Cleanser

Motif Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Face Cleanser is a gentle face wash for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and tried the Abundance Cleanser, here’s what happened...

I have very dry skin, especially in the New York winters. The Motif Abundance Cleanser has been a game changer for my parched and sometimes flaky skin. 

It has a beautiful creamy texture which helps with blood circulation and stops my face from feeling puffy or swollen. 

Because the cleanser also doubles as a mini mask, I love leaving it on for a minute or two while I brush my teeth or exfoliate my body in the shower. As soon as I rinse it off, my skin immediately feels softer and plump. If someone had told me that a cleanser could make such a huge difference to the quality and health of my skin, I would have never believed it. 

I’ve found that with time, it has imparted a glow to my skin while fortifying and healing my skin barrier of its sensitive tendencies.

Try the Abundance Cleanser for yourself with a 30-day risk-free Guarantee.