Cleanser Comparison: Motif, Cerave, Augustinus Bader

Motif Abundance Plumping Phyto Ceramide Face Cleanser is a gentle face wash for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and tried the Abundance Cleanser, here’s what happened...

When I use a product with a lot of fragrance or essential oils, however natural or organic it might be, my cheeks flare up into a beetroot red that shows even on my brown skin. With its unique formulation developed by a leading dermatologist, the Motif Abundance Cleanser is unlike anything I’ve ever tried.

It has a beautiful, creamy texture with gentle luffa fruit that helps with blood circulation and stops my face from feeling puffy or swollen. As soon as I rinse it off, my skin immediately feels softer and plump. 

Its fragrance-free, safe-for-sensitive skin formula gives just the faintest whiff of rose and earth that smells like the summer rain. I used it through both my pregnancies when I was really sensitive to scent and couldn’t handle any fragrance around me or my home.

With time, the Abundance Cleanser has imparted a glow to my skin while fortifying and healing my skin barrier of its sensitive tendencies. Here's how it compared to other cleansers I've used before... 

Best cleanser comparison and review using Cerave Hydrating Cream Cleanser compared to Motif Abundance Ceramide Face Cleanser

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I am a Rosacea-skin survivor. For the longest time the only product I bought on repeat was the Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser. It was a bulk bottle that sat in my shower—a reminder of the almost medicinal, dermatologist-approved products I was resorting to use due to the sensitivities of my skin. The Motif Abundance Cleanser changed that for me.

Best cleanser comparison and review using Augustinus Bader Cream Cleansing Gel compared to Motif Abundance Ceramide Face Cleanser

Augustinus Bader Cream Cleansing Gel

I was always on the lookout for the holy grail of skincare. Enter Augustinus Bader. I tried their cream and then bought their cleanser. I was underwhelmed. It smells just like a mix of ingredients, almost chemical like. Most days the sum total of make-up I use is a tinted moisturizer, blush and mascara. I always use a micellar water to remove mascara. The Augustinus Bader Cream Cleansing Gel removes my light make-up and feels gentle. 

It’s non-irritating, but my skin feels like it did before the wash, nothing less but nothing more. And I simply wanted more from every product I buy and use.

If someone had told me that a cleanser could make such a huge difference to the quality and health of my skin, I would have never believed it until I started to use the Abundance Cleanser. 

Try the Abundance Cleanser for yourself with a 30-day risk-free Guarantee.