Nature is our muse, Science is our ally.

Your Skin is Brilliant

 Woman of color with hydrated and dewy skin closing eyes and using clean, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products

Skin is intrinsically brilliant. Every aspect serves an important purpose. Yes, we have dead skin, but it keeps moisture in. Yes, our skin harbors bacteria, but the “good kind” supports its immune functions. Yes, we want our ingredients to go deeper, but not at the cost of our skin’s protective barrier. Our products are intentionally formulated to be in sync with your skin, which means less sloughing, stripping or over-treating. Your skin already knows what it’s doing—our science works with it, not against it.

Designed by Leading Dermatologists & Chemists

 Bubbly and light texture of a science backed skincare product used for dry, acne, sensitive, and combo skin

Our proprietary formulas are powered by breakthrough actives dosed in precise quantities for accelerated, amplified results. Each product is thoughtfully curated and meticulously tested by passionate (and self-admitted) skincare skeptics who expect nothing but the best.

We Studied the Research

 Science backed skincare ingredients in a dropper used in dermatologist developed skincare products

Social Media is not the authority for skincare. Neither is your mother (unless she's a dermatologist). We only use peer-reviewed scientific journals when selecting ingredients for our formulations.

No Trace Quantities

 Light and watery science backed skincare ingredient

We dose ingredients in the ranges prescribed for results. No trace quantities for label claims. No miscellaneous additions that increase chances of irritation. If it’s in there, it’s working hard and making an impact.

Transformation Without Irritation

 White flower petal and stem that looks like soft and smooth skin

Healthy skin isn’t irritated skin. It’s not the price you have to pay for results.

Our experts

Dr. Indy Chabra, MD, PhD

MD, PhD in Microbiology & Genetics [Stony Brook University]
BS in Chemistry & Biology, BA in Economics [Stanford University]

Dr. Indy Chabra, MD, PhD is a board-certified dermatologist with a private practice in Tucson, Arizona. His live-practicing dermatology and advanced chemistry background give him a unique edge to understand skin consumer psychology and drive impactful skincare product formulations. When he isn’t pouring through scientific peer-reviewed journals to curate breakthrough actives for Motif’s upcoming product line-up, you will find him cooking, playing golf or spending time with family.


“I see Motif as an opportunity to help build a modern skincare brand that gets consumers excited and is backed by scientific evidence that my dermatologist peers and I can stand behind.”

 Dermatologist in white labcoat researching science backed skincare ingredients